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Headwraps are statement-making accessories and cloth head coverings that garnish the heads of Black women across the globe. In Ghana, they’re known as dukus. In Nigeria, the Yoruba people refer to them as geles. In South Africa they’re called doeks. In Botswana, headwraps are known as tukwis. But no matter what you call them, headwraps have a rich cultural history originating in Africa.


Omar David has never had a black professor. Most UB students haven’t. UB’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion website says the university prides itself on the diversity of its community. But black students and black faculty feel left out of the diversity conversation.


Kara Rodriguez* doesn’t feel smart enough to study for big exams without Adderall. Erika Hussein’s* tight-knit family is strict about grades. She’s afraid to disappoint them and calls Adderall a “necessary evil.”


As Senior News Editor of The Spectrum, I sat down with Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for a one-on-one interview.


Ten years ago, going out to see a movie with a group of friends on a weekend night was like a ritual. But that ritual seems to be changing and exchanged for nights huddled around laptop screens.

Designed and Written By Me
Designed By Me
Designed and Written By Me
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